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Cyberpunk 2077 (fan art)

I am very happy to be part of the Night City Life team!
The editor of the night City Life project André Mackowiak invited me to participate in a very cool project, which I really enjoyed working on, and thank you very much for that. This is a fanart for E3 exhibition for CD PROJEKT RED developers. I really wanted to get as much as possible into the atmosphere of the night City, in the beginning I planned to draw Jackie next to V but later I decided to leave her alone. It was interesting after that already on E3 to see the new stunning teaser of cyberpunk, and to see some fragments and some color solutions that I was able to predict in the fanart.))

In addition, thank you very much for that Andre Mackowiak able to give the developers our gift. And it was such a joy to see them developers hold my work in their hands! I'm beside myself with happiness!!! Also I was very shocked to see how the Creator, of the Board game Cyberpunk 2020 Mike Pondsmith, keeps my fanart!
It means a lot to